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What washbasin are you looking for?

Hanging – the simplest form of washbasin, fitted directly to wall using bolts; it will prove adequate in small bathrooms or a separate WC where you do not have space for under-washbasin furniture

Hanging with a pedestal or half-pedestal – fitted to wall using bolts, adapted for systems with trap masking pedestal or half-pedestal

Hanging corner – version of suspended washbasin that allows optimal use of the available bathroom space

On-top – placed directly on the top in the bathroom, usually massive and elegant, improves largely aesthetic qualities of the interior and gives it modern character

Inserted into the top or under-top – convenient and aesthetic solution; together with the top they form one functional-decorative element of the bathroom

Furniture – bottom of the washbasin is adjusted for placement on a cabinet; each washbasin usually matches specific furniture series; washbasin on a piece of furniture is a good way of effective bathroom space management