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Visual appearance of toilet bowl and its functionality

Have you ever looked at WC or a bowl from the side, when considering its purchase? Do it necessarily and make sure whether outflow pipes are embedded, and the side surface of the bowl is smooth, reaching the wall, or whether you can see clearly the shape of the outlet and many bends, which is the case of the cheapest products.

Behind toilet bowls with non-embedded sides dust accumulates, and the access to surface bends is hindered, therefore it is more laborious to maintain cleanliness in the bathroom.

Bowls with embedded side surfaces significantly raise aesthetic qualities of the bathroom; at the same time, it is much easier to maintain their cleanliness, since their surfaces are smooth and without bends.

If you do not opt for a more embedded version of the bowl, you can also choose an indirect solution – a partially embedded bowl with a significantly reduced number of bends in the casing.