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Basin and cabin - how to assemble?

Cabin and basin create a whole and therefore they should match ideally in terms of shape and size – it is particularly important that radius of the cabins and the basin be the same.

Cersanit basins have the height from 3 to 30 cm, the height of our cabins ranges from 167 to 190 cm - when making a set, take into account the height of household members and the height of your apartment. Low cabins are intended for high basins and vice versa – the whole set should range from 190 to 210 cm.

If modern and elegant appearance of the bathroom is important for you, we recommend the selection of a flat basin (3 cm) with the highest cabin – 190 cm.

When you want your household members sit conveniently in the shower, we recommend a deep (30 cm) basin with a seat and an adequately lower cabin.