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Although the bathroom is usually the smallest room at home – as it turns out – it is the most difficult to keep perfectly clean. And the hygiene of the bathroom is not only the aesthetic issue - but above all, the issue of health.

American researchers discovered that also a shower may be a habitat for bacteria- Myctobacterium avium – causing pulmonary diseases. They dwell on the shower head and are sprayed after turning the water on. Scientists recommend metal showerhead (less pathogens live on them), as well as waiting a minute after turning the tap on before directing water to your body.

Bacteria living in the toilet bowl propagate freely to the whole bathroom. During flushing, bacteria are sprayed to the height of as much as 1.5, and when they fall, they settle on towels, toothbrushes, a washbasin and a tap. It is not eliminated by closing the toilet seat because bacteria penetrate through the gaps between the bowl and the seat.

Also close vicinity of a washbasin with a toilet has some consequences. When the water in the toilet is flushed, microbes can spread on the surface of even up to 2 meters - they will reach the floor, the washbasin and the toothbrush. If you don't want to expose your toothbrush to contact with bacteria from the toilet bowl, keep it in a cabinet with closed doors.