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The bathroom is a place exposed to impact of moisture and not always well ventilated. Particularly when we dry washed clothes, leave wet towels or remainders of water in a shower basin in our bathroom. We are not always aware of how much moisture is in this room.

Meanwhile, it is the damp environment, in combination with high temperature, which fosters rapid development of saprophytes, fungi and mould. To the bathroom to be a safe and healthy room for us, the air temperature in the bathroom should not exceed 24 degrees, and when selecting its equipment it is worth paying attention to several important issues:

  • heating– flat heaters, easy to keep clean, are the best; floor heating is not recommended, since it makes dust go up
  • tiles and terracotta – the best tiles for an allergic sufferer are ceramic tiles, with the smoothest surface, not fostering setting dust in hollows and irregularities of their texture
  • shower cabin – with filling with smooth texture, well-profiled to prevent water from remaining in the basin, easy to keep clean, with a shower without nickel-coated and metal elements
  • plasters– it is definitively recommended to resign from porous structural plasters or waterproof vinyl wallpapers
  • painting– matt water paint should be used for walls and ceilings – for several years, paints for persons suffering from allergies have been available, intended for rooms with greater humidity
  • rugs– preferably, they should be given up, since they gather dust and bacteria

To ensure comfort and safety of use of the bathroom, it is recommended to clean it thoroughly at least twice a week. To do it, use agents killing fungi and mold and eliminating bacteria, safe to allergic people.