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Good reputation of the Cersanit brand

Warsaw, 4 July 2013

The Cersanit brand gained the honorable title of High Reputation Brand in the survey Premium Brand 2013.

PremiumBrand examines in a complex manner reputation of brands among consumers and companies in the business environment.

Why the survey main emphasis was put on verification of reputation?
Since with each subsequent year it is nothing else but reputation of products that gains value for the consumer. Thanks to it, consumers recommend each other selected brands, share positive opinions on them and, what is the most important, choose them again at the next arising occasion. The meaning of reputation grows additionally with the awareness of the consumer, for whom simple advertising messages are not sufficient and who expects deeper values from the brand, such as: ethics of action, respect for tradition or environemental sensitivity.

"The survey was conducted in four dimensions, and the most important aspect for us were references. The best advertisement for our products are recommendations of the Cersanit brand belonging to Rovese portfolio by the customers who purchased its products" – Marcin Stankiewicz Marketing Director, Central Europe.

The Cersanit brand was awarded on the basis of a survey conducted by using the CAWI on a national group of consumers. The author of the research method is professor of the Warsaw University Dominika Maison, PhD. The brand being part of the Rovese Group stood on podium among companies such as Raiffeisen Pol bank, Orange, Lotto or Cisowianka.