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Beauty of nature captured in milled rock

Warsaw, 27 August 2013

Do you wish to take energy from nature without going out from home? Do you want to use its soothing and relaxing power? Milled rock is the best option! New collections of glazed milled rocks by Cersanit will create an interior that will take you to the bosom of nature.

"For several years, return to nature has been a strongly present trend in the world design. One of its signs is a desire to use in our interiors natural materials, such as wood or stone" - informs Renata Bartmańska Brand Manager, Cersanit.

"However, natural wood or stone require special nursing treatments and maintenance. They can also prove hardly practical – particularly in rooms with higher intensity of movement or with increased humidity" – she adds.
Milled rock tiles are able to maintain faithfully arrangement charm of these natural materials. Modern production technologies enable obtaining richness of colours, variety of textures reflecting various kinds of stone and diversity of natural grains of many wood species. Milled rocks are also very practical in maintenance. Even after a long period of use, they maintain elegant appearance. Moreover, they are cheaper and easier to be laid than e.g. real stone. Cersanit presents seven new collections of matt glazed milled rocks: BRISTO, BROSTO, CALSTO, GUSTO, MISTO, NUTTO and TOSTO. These milled rocks are maintained in ecological soil colours – beige, brown and grey. Thanks to their pattern, they imitate ideally the texture of sandstone, ground concrete, consolidated magma or natural grain of wood. New collections are offered in the size 45 x 45 cm. They have universal applications. You can lay them on walls and floors of bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms or halls. The tiles have excellent utility parameters, are resistant to moisture, stains, abrasion and fading. New milled rock products by Cersanit are also frost resistant, thus they are ideal outside buildings, e.g. as lining of terraces or balconies.


Thanks to the tiles from this collection, atmosphere of the interior will resemble a very fashionable, urban climate of post-factory, industrial lofts. Bristo milled rocks reflect exactly the design of grey, ground concrete. The decorative tiles from the collection are decorated with simple, graphic motives; they resemble austere, concrete mosaic. This original design matches well a modern bathroom and will combine perfectly with glass and chromium-plated fixtures and additions. Thanks to practical colours, the tiles from this series will prove very functional also in the kitchen, hall or on the terrace.


Designed in Italy, non-banal collection reflects a natural texture of consolidated, cracked magma. This unique design is offered in two colour versions; brown and graphite. Clear tiles from the collection will gain recognition of individuals who like non-standard solutions, are looking for original design, as well as want their interior be unique and with character. White bathroom ceramics will look particularly beautifully against a background of tiles from the collection. We will obtain excellent effect also using them on the terrace – the magma design will look spectacular among your home's greenery.


Universal, neutral collection, which matches perfectly every interior, reflects light beige or delicate grey natural stone. It matches beautifully both floors and walls. Tiles from this collection, going hand in hand with light colour equipment, will lighten up small bathrooms and will add them space. On the other hand, larger rooms will gain, thanks to them, style, class and elegance. The design of the tiles gives them interesting arrangement possibilities. Milled rock can be placed both horizontally and vertically. Calsto collection is adequate, above all, to anyone who is looking for classic and timeless solutions in the form of natural and fine tiles.


Gusto collection has warm colours and the design of natural grain of wood, as well as exceptionally interesting ornaments. Patterned decor imitating meticulous, wooden mosaics gives unique arrangement possibilities. It enables creating floors resembling both exclusive, richly decorated palace floors as well as classic, wooden floors, mixed with colourful accent. Gusto tiles, with slightly exotic colours and grain, will make interior a cosy and warm oasis of peace in our everyday life, a shelter where we can chill out and rest.


A collection with universal nature, which will never go out of fashion. Light, pastel colours and subtle design of tiles resemble a noble, natural marble. Decorative tiles are decorated with a delicate, classic ornament. They can be combined with equipment kept in practically every style. Against a background of Misto tiles antique furniture in the living room and modern kitchen furniture with high gloss as well as white ceramics in the bathroom will look good.


This collection is an ideal proposal for modern environmentalists. Perfectly reflected design of rings and colour of light pine wood derive inspiration directly from nature. Base tiles from the collection are supplemented with decors reflecting wood with diverse colour which makes clear bands. The collection matches perfectly economical and close to nature Scandinavian style interiors as well as modern, minimalist urban spaces. It looks perfect in the bathroom, hall and in the living room. On floors it creates light and clean flooring, on walls it may imitate perfectly veneer panels.


Tosto collection will warm us with a delicate heat of noble, beige sandstone. It matches beautifully both floors and walls. Natural colours and noble, subtle texture will give space and shine to small interior and warm up and liven up a larger one. The collection is supplemented by a structural tile of delicate texture, which has additionally higher anti-slide parameters. The tiles from this series will be appreciated, first of all, by individuals who are looking for universal solutions which, with the passage of years, will not lose their charm and will be always up-to-date.