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New bathroom furniture

Warsaw, 7 June 2013

The most fashionable finishing, white varnish and warm colour of natural wood in new bathroom collections by Cersanit are a perfect choice to any, also small bathrooms.

New collections of bathroom furniture by Cersanit – IBU, TAZA, MELAR BAMAKO, MESTA and LAREDO – stand out with both functionality and design . Every series contains elements mostly used in bathrooms: under-washbasin cabinets intended for washbasins by Cersanit with various dimensions (also to on-top and composite washbasins), accompanying posts, hanging cabinets and mirror cabinets, and mirrors. New products that are the most sought today include suspended collections. Traditionalists who prefer standing options can complete legs adjusted to cabinets. Furniture from new collections has simple and modern forms, colours in tones of white and natural colours of wood, attractive holders and convenient and spacious drawers. Used technologies of silent closing of drawers and doors and guides of drawers with a system of hidden conducting increase the comfort of daily use. Furniture can be also purchased in the version for unaided assembly.

Thanks to mild lines of rounded edges and white varnished fronts of furniture doors, it is modern and at the same time universal collection. White is still a colour particularly popular in the bathroom. Chromium-plated, round and shining holders, are accents supplementing the whole. The series includes under-washbasin cabinets intended for Facile washbasins, post, mirror cabinet and hanging cabinet. The collection will arouse interest of people who are looking for solutions to their bathroom with timeless design, tasteful and functional.

It is based on contrast between white, varnished bodies with hue of fronts made of dark ash laminated panel. Cabinets have short and massive aluminium holders. The series includes under-washbasin cabinets intended for Iryda and Carla washbasins, as well as post, mirror with shelf and hanging cabinet. Exceptionally functional cabinets to be mounted under washbasin are equipped with both external and internal drawers, which facilitates maintenance of order. This furniture will be admired by all who want bathroom space be used in the optimum manner and aesthetic at the same time.

It is a collection, in which cabinets are fully made of white, varnished with high gloss chipboard, and fronts are decorated with longer, shining chromium-plated holders. Two drawers fully pulled out in the cabinet to be mounted under washbasin increase its capacity, and thus functionality. The series features under-washbasin cabinets for Cersanit washbasins, post, hanging cabinet and mirror with shelf. This furniture will march both modern and classic bathrooms. Their simple and chic form matches perfectly white bathroom ceramics.

The Bamako collection offers furniture which combines white varnished fronts with non-standard casing of cabinets. Three sides of posts and hanging cabinets have been made of plans with warm colour of dark ash , while the fourth one is white as the front. Holders made of matt aluminium are delicate and neutral. Under-washbasin cabinet consists of two drawers with fully pulled out drawers – external and internal. This solution enables easy access to content of the cabinet. The series includes a wide range of under-washbasin cabinets for Carina and Olimpia washbasins, post, mirror with shelf and hanging cabinet. The furniture is convenient in use and attracts attention with its interesting design that will be appreciated by all lovers of original solutions.

Simple and economical form of cabinets in the Mesta collection has been "dressed" in warm colours of natural, dark ash. Massive holders typical of this series have glossy finishing inox and are installed horizontally. The series includes a wide range of under-washbasin cabinets for Carina and Olimpia washbasins, as well as post, mirror with shelf and hanging cabinet. Two spacious drawers of the under-washbasin cabinet accommodate all cosmetics. That series will appeal to individuals who prefer universal, simple inspired by nature, colours and shapes stressed with more powerful, varying interior accent.

Thanks to a subtle combination of light ash bodies with white varnished fronts and gentleness of white, aluminium handles, the furniture stands out with unique lightness . Their particular feature are very spacious drawers and double varnished top of under-washbasin cabinet with increased resistance to water. The series includes special cabinets created especially for installation under new conglomerate washbasins as well as on-top Caspia, Melodia and Inteo washbasins, as well as post and two special mirror cabinets. This furniture is perfected in every detail. They will certainly satisfy the most demanding tastes and meet requirements of users who want to give their bathroom spaciousness, lightness and clarity.