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Beauty of nature presented in the concept Flower fascinations

Warsaw, 28 May 2013

Interior trends refer more and more to nature, using to the full its colours, patterns and forms. For this reason, flowers have become an inspiration for the most recent collection of ceramic tiles by Cersanit.

The concept Flower Fascinations includes five collections: ARANCIA, DIANTUS, LAVANDE, LILIUM and SELENE. Each of them is different to satisfy diverse tastes and tempers of customers looking for flower patterns to a bathroom. A wide range of available colours and multiplicity of decorations will enable arranging the interior in diverse design. Colourful, clear and original flower motive will liven up any space. In a modern one it will bring colour and energy. It will match ideally retro style.

Flowers are one of the oldest, invariably trendy decorative motives. Flower fascinations are wall and floor base tiles in diverse colours, wall decors in dimensions of base tiles with flower motives or matching graphic patterns, as well as decorative glass or ceramic slats.


Arancia collection is created for dynamic, brave and decided people. Contrasting specification of juicy orange, light cream and warm bronze will add energy and depth to the interior. Different forms, sizes and colours of decors ensure many arrangement possibilities. A distinguishing feature of our collection is the texture of decorative tiles and slats which resembles structural wallpapers. Apart from the flower motive on decors, we will also find geometric patterns and leather imitation. The collection is supplemented by brown floor panel.


Diantus is a collection illuminated with sun rays, rich in clear, saturated and warm colours: which warms up yellow, energetic colour of juicy orange as well as elegant maroon. The flower motive of decorative tiles is fine and delicate. Also fine striped decors are maintained in the same colours. Each wall composition will match white base plate, and the decoration may be completed by glass slats. Those who in their everyday life are looking for warm sun rays and positive emotions will like Diantus collection.


Lavande is a proposal for people who want their bathroom surprise them continuously.
Shining flower decorations obtained as a result of balanced proportions of shiny and matt glaze will not change its nature along with the light entering the room. Sunlight will spark them joyfully, the flame will make them shimmer romantically. Colours of the collection: creamy, brown, grey and white. The collection contains also ceramic decorative slats repeating the same flower pattern and gray floor tiles.


Selene attracts attention thanks to its colours. White and grey form here classically well-integrated and balanced duet. They are accompanied by delicate pink. This symbiosis of colours creates many arrangement possibilities. Tiles from the collection can co-create elegant and classic interior, but also avant-garde or glamour interior. The collection includes base wall and floor tiles, decors in the format of wall tiles and glass decorative slats.


Lilium emits aura of romanticism. Pastel colours of tiles and decorations using shape of lily will inspire, among others, admirers of English style and will enable creating light and elegant interior. The enthusiasts of classics will appreciate sober, warm beiges, incorrigible dreamers will appreciate here gentle azure and rose. The arrangements will be diversified with glass strips available in the collection. An ideal background against which romantic decorations can be exposed is white basic tile.